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What do you do when your bff of 8 yrs gives up on you n they look fine or even better without you n she laughs n talks to other friends but then with me she turns quiet n awkward I ask her if we're not as close anymore n she just says I'm still her bff but then she text other ppl but she don't even text me.... I tried texting her first but her reply r always short to the point... She's also going away to college n I'm afraid she'll leave me completely.. TT wt to do?.

friendship it’s hard to keep. Sometimes it stay and sometimes it fades away. I totally understand what u feel. It hurts when someone u think will always be with you acting strange and completely change. 

Maybe I’m a bit forward here, because I’m an honest person and I value my friendship more than anything. If I feel doubt I will confront them and ask what I did wrong. If they feel I’m not fitting to their current behavior I will leave. Because its clearly why u need to stay when they not even want you in the first place.

I still consider them as friends but not bff anymore. Because u know what? one day they will come around. And they do. We talked, we share some stories and that’s it.

Maybe for your case it’s more deeper than mine. As for my advice, just give her some space and leave your bff alone for a while. If she care she will come to you. For now on, meet new people and make friends more. Sometimes good things happen when you least expect it. I believe you a great person and you can do better than that. So believe in yourself. If you cherish your friendship send her good luck wish before she went to college, send gift for her birthday. It’s the way to tell her that you still care and you always there for her even you guys not talk to each other anymore. 

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제가 음란마귀가 씌어서….(sorry I was a bit possessed by the horny devil)

The reason why everyone was so shy was because they had to reenact this scene in a drama where the girl invites the guy to have ramyeon after he drops her off in front of her house.. Boa said it’s a way to ask the guy to stay at her place

EXO’s new dance team: EXO-Chibis

EXO’s new dance team: EXO-Chibis

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Jongin forever stays breaking Chanyeol’s heart

Baekhyun » hands/fingers

what's the difference between pocky and pepero? ;A;

It’s the same

pepero from Korea : Lotte company

pocky from Japan : Glico company 






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