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Anonymous asked:
Can u do a number game? :)

I will do number game this weekend ^^. I already save it on my draft

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Anonymous asked:
Kin i'm sorry if this came at a bad time. Can you reply this with a sort of encouragement just any sort at all would be good and it would mean a lot to me. Everything is really hard now i don't fucking understand why. Why is it so hard to do anything and everything i'm on the verge of giving up and it's really not the time to permit me to do so now. It's so hard to see anything in a positive light at all i'm trying i'm really trying my best please please how i don't know i don't know anymore



anon asking for words of encouragement! you dont want to give up deep down! heyy its a start.


its a little difficult to give advice when i don’t know why or what you’re giving up— is it school, are you struggling? are you asking enough questions, the right questions, admitting when you need help? or maybe you dont know what you want to do in life or what there is you can do, lost wthout direction 

but then again maybe not. is it social/friends related, is if life,? did you mess something up with a person you care about? is it truly irreversible ? can you not muster up strength to forgive, forget, apologize, whatever needs to be done?

is it a goal you’re giving up, is it work, is it uncertainty, the unknown getting to you—-? constant tries and tries only to end up in failure?

i guess my question for you is: what are you expecting out of life? what are your goals that youre giving up? you just want to be happy right? what do you think you need to be happy?

so many questions, right? shut up kin.


i dont know, i think want i want to say is try not to see life so seirously. i know that sonuds like a shitty thing to say “yo maaan dont take like so seriously!” no no what i mean is—- it’s okay to make mistakes, get in trouble, get out of trouble, struggle with something, fail a few times, succeed once and fail seven times after that. its all okay, its just learning and experiencing humanity. learn to not care so much about the standard structure of life. youve only got roughy eighty years to live on this planet, why waste it worrying about school school school university work work work retire die. i think ive siad this before and i really cant stress it enough

granted yeah, you probably have to follow some sort of structure while you are under a parents roof or some authoritative figure, but even that isnt permanent. you are a human being, and you deserve respect to make your own choices. compromise, push through a few years of someone elses plan if you must, but there will be a time when you call the shots, you make the decisions for your self and if you just hold on to that moment, it’ll all be worth it.

so that said,

you want a positive light, i give you this,.—-



kickass humaanniittyyyy. check us out, humans are so fucking cool.

i dont mean this is as some bullshit "look at their life why arent you grateful" no no no no nonononoo nnO NO. i mean—-

all these things happening around the world, outside your city, town, where ever you are. dont just look at the people around you and think this is all there is, and think that is all there ever will be.the situaiton you are in is temporary. you are never stuck in one place. nothing is ever permanent.

whatever problems with another person will pass. sometimes, shit does go wrong and friendships and relationships end. never forget the moments you cherish with them, never forget what went wrong so you learn for the next time, and open your heart and mind back up. 

its okay to be anti social (i sure as hell am xD i could go weeks without leaving my apartment and be perfectly fine, but thats beside the point) its okay to be introverted and keep to yourself but know when its time to ask for help.

you know i have a brother i expected to give up a long time ago. hes been the hospital four times in the past two months, broken collarbone, dislocated shoulder, drug addictions ad problems, lost his job, crashed his car, didnt have enough money for rent and was kicked out of his apartment and homeless for a solid week before he contacted me. and sometimes all it takes is just a little push, a little faith even when you have no reason to give any. i loaned him money, paid for his food, paid for dry cleaning on his business suit and within two weeks he’s back on his feet. his car is repaired, he has a home and has countless job interviews lined up.

im not saying that is something you are dealing with, or giving you anything to compare to, i dont mean it that way, all problems are relative you know?

never compare the shit you deal with to someone else. you have your own problems and they effect you differently than someone else so put that thought out of your mind.

but what i mean is—— theres always going to be shit in life. imagine being in the situation like my brother and how low that must feel, how dark and empty that must feel—-now imagine him only weeks or months later, when he will look back and say—yes that happened and i pulled through it. i asked for help, and i got it and i pulled through.

its okay to rely on someone, have someone looking out for you, watching your back sometimes. whats the point of being on a planet full of human beings and refusing all of them.

why give up, what are you giving up, what will you do if you give up?

things are always going to be a constant flux of good and bad. you will never have consistent good, but thats ok too, you learn to appreciate and remmeber the good and please please please have fun in your life.

just pick yourself back up and fuckin do it again. try again. if you fail again at whatever it is next week, then just


do it


try again.


so cheesy right? shut up kin. no i love this zelo edit.

here, reblogged for anyone who needs a reason.

i tagged the original post “encouragement” if you need to find it again.

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his cute reaction when he finds out the bear is wearing a wolf shirt

his cute reaction when he finds out the bear is wearing a wolf shirt

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Anonymous asked:
what kpop group did you stan before exo?

I never stan any group beside exo. I start listening to kpop in 2009 but never been into any fandom. During that time Big Bang and Super Junior are my favorites 

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Luhan’s cake for his birthday.
Manly cake I see..


Luhan’s cake for his birthday.

Manly cake I see..

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People still watch eyk videos?!


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Exo - Lotte Duty Free

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"take me (◡‿◡✿)"

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Three words hit him like a wave of relief that he could never take for granted.

"I feel better," Hana says, smiling weakly up at him from the white bed with the metal rails. 

Suho’s smile is actually reflexive rather than cognitive, which feels strange and good. “That’s good,” he exclaims, but at an appropriate volume for such a place. He settles down beside her and grabs her hands in his. “Tell you what, we can celebrate that by doing another of those ideas on our list,” he decides.

"Can we go outside today?" she asks hopefully.

"Not today," he says softly. "Not until they say it’s okay. But soon," he assures her, eyes pouring with honesty. "I promise."